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Making The Easiest Apple Pie For 4th Of July


anna thompson


When I think of desserts for the 4th of July the first thing that comes to mind is apple pie! This apple pie is packed with delicious juicy cinnamon apples, topped with a brown sugar buttery topping and a flaky crust. Serve it warm over vanilla ice cream and your taste buds will love you forever! What I love about this pie is how easy it is to throw together. Whether you’re a new or seasoned baker this pie is a must try for everyone!

To make this delicious apple pie you simply combine the apples (I always use green apples to break up the sweetness), sugar, flour, and cinnamon in a large mixing bowl.  Then stir everything together until well blended.



For the topping, in a medium size bowl add the sugars, butter, and flour. Then mix all the the ingredients with a pastry blender or fork (I always use a fork) until well blended and the topping becomes coarsely crumbled.


Lastly, fill your pie crust and add your topping. For this making of the apple pie I used the refrigerated rolls of pie crust and layered them into my pie dish. My mom loves pie crust so I added extra crust on the edges of the dish. I’ve also used the frozen pie crusts for this pie and both taste delicious! If you’re wanting to make your own pie crust I recommend trying Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe. She has some great tips and tricks to make the most delicious homemade pie crust. 

When your pie is ready for the oven bake it at 375 degrees for about 50 minutes.  Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and enjoy! 

Don’t forget to check out my tips and tricks below!




what you’ll need:

  • 1 Deep Dish pie crust
  • 5 ½ cups peeled, cored & sliced cooking apples
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup brown sugar, packed
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon


  • ¾ cup flour
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup brown sugar, packed
  • 1/3 cup butter or margarine (room temp)
  • 1/4 cup of finely chopped pecans (optional)

how to:

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Put pie crust into pie plate.
  2. In a large bowl, mix the next five ingredients and pile into crust.
  3. Prepare the topping in a medium bowl with a pastry blender or fork.  Mix the flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter and pecans (if desired) until coarsely crumbled.
  4. Sprinkle evenly over apples.
  5. Bake at 375 for 50 minutes.  (If crust gets too brown early on then loosely cover the pie with tin foil and continue baking. I usually have to do this every time about halfway through the baking time.
  6. Serve warm with ice cream and your taste buds will love you forever.  Enjoy!


tips & tricks

  • I recommend using green apples to break up the sweetness.
  • The thinner the apple slices the shorter the baking time. Last time I made this pie I left my apple slices about an inch thick and after 50 minutes of baking the apples were fully cooked but still had some firmness to them. However, this time I made my apple slices more thin and after 50 minutes of baking the apples were very, very soft.
  • When putting your pie together, you want to make sure you fill the pie crust with a heaping amount of apples as they will cook down.

don’t miss!

We are so excited to be including Anna on our blogger team, but I don’t want you to miss what she has going on day to day at Annie’s Aprons or over on her Instagram here. Now, off to make some apple pie!–Ashley

Throwing a Classy Pineapple Party

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Cue the music…”Going to the chapel and my sister is getting Maui’d.” Ok, maybe that isn’t how the song goes, but it is certainly fitting for this occasion. My sister Lauren and her fiance Stefan have always had a love for the island of Maui. They got engaged there on our last trip and now, they will be getting married there in August. They got no argument from me on their wedding location choice that’s for sure. Because it’s a destination wedding and not everyone is able to make the trip, we wanted to bring Hawaii here for everyone to enjoy. I wanted the shower to have a tropical pineapple party vibe without screaming tiki torch and hibiscus print button down tee sort of luau.

 dainty pineapple party decor

Pineapple Vase Flower Arrangement With Peonies, Eucalyptus, Lilies For Bridal Shower Aloha Hawaii Theme

The perfect pineapple party centerpieces should be made with pineapples, right? It just made sense, so I filled them with peonies, eucalyptus, lilies and other colorful flowers. Tip: Use a pineapple corer and save the pineapple for food dishes to get double use. You can use a Ziploc bag or small cup to place inside the vase to keep the acid from effecting the floral arrangement.

Pineapple Party Aloha Theme Straws Stripes Palm Leaves

Tropical Combination Straw Pack by Confetti Bash | 4.75 for 25​

Aloha Theme Party Place Setting Bamboo Plates Palm Napkin Favor Bag With Hair Ties

Palm Leaf Dinner and Dessert Plates by Confetti Momma | 11.99 for 10
Pineapple Favor Bag by Sweet Thymes | 10.00 for 10
Hair Tie Favors by Plum Polka Dot | 3.99 each

Pineapple Hair Tie Party Favor Gold Glitter Polka Dot Aloha Bridal Baby Shower

​​Hair Tie Favors by Plum Polka Dot | 3.99 each
Palm Leaf Dinner and Dessert Plates by Confetti Momma | 11.99 for 10

Palm Frond Invitation For Aloha Tropical Bridal or Baby Shower

Palm Shower Invite by Miss Pok A Dot | 15.00 for digital file (also available in print)

pineapple party food fancies

Aloha Pineapple Cake Topper Gold Glitter on Naked Cake

Aloha Cake Topper by Bells N Berries | 8.00

Aloha Party Napkins Decorative Cookies With Hula Dancer Pineapple

Tropical Decorated Cookie Mix by A Little Bit of Paris | 40.00 per dozen
Aloha Napkins from Target | In store only

Hula Dancer Cookie For Tropical Party Royal Icing Party Favor

Plumeria Flower Cookie With Icing For Aloha Pineapple Party

Aloha Cookie With Flowers Royal Icing Tropical Pineapple Party Favor Dessert

Tropical Decorated Cookie Mix by A Little Bit of Paris | 40.00 per dozen

Pineapple Party Table Setting With Palm Leaf Napkin Peonies Aloha Cookie

Tropical Decorated Cookie Mix by A Little Bit of Paris | 40.00 per dozen
Palm Leaf Dinner and Dessert Plates by Confetti Momma | 11.99 for 10

Coconut and Pineapple Salad For Aloha Tropical Party

Pineapple & Toasted Coconut Salad by bridesmaid, Brittany, of The View From Up Here Blog.  Ingredients: spring salad mix, strawberries, pineapple, toasted coconut and poppy seed dressing.

Tropical Party Food Salad Recipe With Dressing Pineapple and Coconut

Chicken Skewer and Coconut Rice For Pineapple Party


Pineapple Bottle from Target Dollar Section | In Store only
Entree: Chicken and Pineapple Kabobs
Side: Coconut and Pineapple Rice
Tip: When making rice, substitute half of called for water with coconut milk or entire amount depending on desired taste. Top with coconut, cilantro and pepper flakes.

Pineapple Cups For Aloha Tropical Shower Bridal Party

Doughnut Pineapple Topper Toothpick For Tropical Party

Pineapple Graphic Art and Cups From Homegoods | In Store Only
Substitute: Metallic Pineapple Paper Cups on Amazon | 9.00 for 8
Pineapple Doughnut Toppers by Elizabeth Doo Dah | 4.00 for 6

palm frond photo backdrop

Photobooth Props For Aloha Theme Party Hibiscus Palm Leaf Pineapple Flamingo


Pineapple Light Strand for Tropical Party Bridal Shower

Blush Sequin Backdrop from Amazon | 22.88
Tropical Photo Props by Creative Sense Co | 10.20 for printable file
Pineapple Light Strand by Asos (sub) | 34.00
​Palms Leaves From Our Yard and Friends 

Substitute: Artificial Palm Leaves From Amazon | 8.99 for 12

Aloha Bride Palm Leaf Decor



Photobooth At Pineapple Party Bridal Shower


Photo Booth Props At Tropical Party Plumeria Palm Leaf Flamingo



mahalo for reading!

I hope you enjoyed our spin on a traditional tropical party! Drop any questions below and be sure to share your links if you throw your own classy pineapple event!

quick link guide:

Tropical Combination Straw Pack by Confetti Bash | 4.75 for 25
Palm Leaf Dinner and Dessert Plates by Confetti Momma | 11.99 for 10
Pineapple Favor Bag by Sweet Thymes | 10.00 for 10
Hair Tie Favors by Plum Polka Dot | 3.99 each
Palm Shower Invite by Miss Pok A Dot | 15.00 for digital file (also available in print)
Aloha Cake Topper by Bells N Berries | 8.00
Tropical Decorated Cookie Mix by A Little Bit of Paris | 40.00 per dozen
Metallic Pineapple Paper Cups on Amazon | 9.00 for 8
Pineapple Doughnut Toppers by Elizabeth Doo Dah | 4.00 for 6
Blush Sequin Backdrop from Amazon | 22.88
Tropical Photo Props by Creative Sense Co | 10.20 for printable file
Pineapple Light Strand by Asos (sub) | 34.00

Artificial Palm Leaves From Amazon | 8.99 for 12

Getting A Taste Of France In Tampa At Petit Piquant Patisserie

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Oh sweet butter croissant, how you make my heart pitter patter. I wasn’t sure there was something that could top a day to day croissant, but there is. Enter Kouign Amann–a beautiful, flakey, caramelized croissant and brioche combination. Originating from the region of Brittany, France, your taste buds will feel like you need to put on a beret and twist the ends of your mustache (if you have one). The best news, it’s a Tampa dessert! You don’t have to purchase a ticket to fly over the Atlantic, but can get your own taste of France right here in Tampa, Florida at Petit Piquant off of Howard. As one who has been to Europe many times, these fit the bill and then some.
Petit Piquant Bakery in Tampa Florida Kouign Amann Pastry Butter Croissant
Tampa dessert hot spot, Piquant, is under the care of celebrity chefs Rosana Rivera and Ricardo Castro and they are all things delightful. Their warm welcome is right up there with the pastries coming out of the oven. Their new addition to their patisserie family is being released today. You will find sweet flavors like guava, cinnamon sugar, raspberry, lemon and strawberry alongside more savory flavors like Lox salmon, braised short rib rib and roasted tomato with goat cheese. Well, I won’t keep your taste buds waiting any longer, so I give you, the Kouign Amann…

Leaf Latte Art With Puff Pastry At Petit Piquant Tampa

Tampa Blogger Eating Puff Pastry Petit Piquant

Husband Enjoying Puff Pastry Petite Piquant

and just because…coffee, grilled cheese and doughnuts.

So the moral of this Tampa dessert spot butter filled story is…if you aren’t already in line waiting for your own Kouign Amann, you need to be! Put this baby in your GPS– 1704 N Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33607, and head that way!
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Giving The Gift Of Incredibundles For Baby

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brittany marchese

Incredibundles is just that–incredible bundles. These bundles are packaged with baby gifts and include book bundles, bath bundles, and even a one year supply of diapers!

​Having a toddler already, we have plenty of toys to give one away to every play date friend we have come over–and then some. Although I see nothing wrong with hand me down toys, I wanted to get my littlest something special for his half birthday. He is really into grabbing, shaking, and banging so I chose the Toddler Play and Learn Bundle. This bundle included a set of wooden blocks, a colorful wooden shape sorter, and a wooden drum. I love that these toys can grow with him, are open ended, and can even be shared with his big brother.

Perfect Baby Gift Box For First Birthday Christmas Easter Toys and Instruments

Before I even got to what was inside I was wowed by the outside! The baby gift bundle was packaged up in a large reusable storage container, with a ribbon tied around the top. Inside was tissue paper wrapped around the bundle. These bundles are ready to give–and will wow anyone who receives them!

Incredibundles are great for new moms, first birthdays, Easter, or any other special occasion where you just need something extra special.

Baby Drum In Incredibundles Gift Box

​baby gift basics

Their baby gift bundles come in all sorts of price ranges, which makes finding the perfect gift in your budget easy! Some of my favorite bundles:

  • A Year of Diapers | 719.00 | Gift certificate arrives with a cute teddy bear along with parents getting to pick between Pampers, Huggies or Luvs. Free shipping and gift wrap also included.
  • A Year of Books | 245.00 | 30 classic books for baby’s first year that match development needs as they grow. Beautifully packaged in their hardy, reusable box.
  • A Year of Toys | 495.00 | A huge assortment of toys appropriate for each stage of learning in the first year. Includes favorites like Sofie the Giraffe, baby’s first block set, and instruments packaged nicely in their signature box.

To see all their incredible bundles(see why it’s the perfect name?) or even individual items, you can head here.

Letter Blocks Baby Gift Box Incredibundles

Giveaway! Enter to win $50 to use at Incredibundles:

So easy to enter! Head on over to our Instagram page to enter to win a gift card for $50 to get your own bundle on the way! Entries valid through 6/26/17 at 11:59PM.

Adventuring Disney With Littles


beth mirelez 


Adventuring with littles can be overwhelming or it can be incredibly fun. Like many first time mamas, I was very reluctant to take my little man out and when I did, I somehow managed to take his entire nursery with us. Now that I have a 4 month old, I have learned the beauty of simplifying! Don’t get me wrong, every now and then, my old pack rat habits try to creep in, but  my hubby happily reminds me when there’s just too much stuff! We bought Disney passes last fall, knowing that Kinsley was due in January, we figured we would do our best to make the most of our passes. I have listed a few convenient tips that I have quickly learned while adventuring Mickey’s house with my little ones! 


Each Disney park has their own baby care center where you can breastfeed/pump/feed/change the baby! It’s very convenient, well set up and located in the front of the park. 


So you don’t have to take your pump all around the park, you can leave it at the first aid center which is located near the baby care centers. They will not store the breast milk, but still a huge added bonus to leave the pump bag and pick up as needed.


Get there early! We all love to sleep in, but let’s be honest, our littles won’t let us sleep in anyways, so we may as well get there as close to opening time as possible. It ensures a few extra rides (since you only have 3 fast passes) with low(er) wait times in the morning! Jump on the most popular ride first thing and that way you won’t have to wait twice as long later (if not longer).


Pack the night before. If you’re anything like me, then your mornings are extremely full and many times hectic. Knowing my morning routine and trying to get out of the house, it only makes sense to pack everything the night before. I set out the kids’ outfits, make sure I have an extra sanitizer,  freeze several bottles of water, pack snacks, set my pump bag by the door, and make my infamous last minute to do list which has all belongings that I am not able to pack the night before, That way, in the morning, all I have to do is look at my list and focus on that! 


I have a few diaper bag staples: snacks, sippy cup, hats, hand sanitizer, chapstick, sunscreen and an extra outfit for both kids! Of course I have the regular items too, but that way when we’re out and about, I don’t have to worry if I need to buy my son a sippy cup because I forgot it on the kitchen counter! No worries if I did forget it, (which I do A LOT) because I always have an extra one in the diaper bag. 


Be realistic. Before kids, we would easily stay 10-12 hrs at a theme park, now that we have a 4 month old and a 2 year old, we typically stay 6-8 hrs, give or take. The beautiful thing about Disney World is that almost anything my 2 year old can do, we can take the baby in with us. That’s why we felt good about buying Disney passes with another baby on the way. Disney has SO many rides and shows that are for all ages. ​​


Disney is hot–no surprise there. Knowing how hot it would be, I went to Target the day before and bough my son a squirt fan and my baby a fan that clips on the car seat! They were each under $10 and they both work fabulously! When we went to Disney, I saw a worker selling squirt fans so I went to see the prices and they were each $20, sothe one I got for $8 prior to your trip can save you some money. 


I am always applying and reapplying sunscreen to my littles. My Pediatrician told me not to put sunscreen on Kinsley until she is 6 months old. Just the thought of my fair skinned baby girl getting a sunburn makes my stomach turn. I purchased a UVP 50 umbrella that clips on the stroller. Now I know she is protected more from the sun. I realize she can still get some sun or get hot, so we sit in the shade when possible and frequent the stores for some AC love.


We all know that Disney sells the cutest plush characters and my sons seems to want them all. They are around $15 at Disney World and my son has several plush character toys that are the same thing that I have previously purchased at Target for $5. I make sure to throw 1 or 2 character toys in the stroller the night before to prevent an unnecessary meltdown and alas, the purchase. 

there you have it mommas!

Hope these tips help you survive your next trip as your adventure away with your littles at Disney! If you have a tip I didn’t include above, make sure to drop it below! <3