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Adventuring with littles can be overwhelming or it can be incredibly fun. Like many first time mamas, I was very reluctant to take my little man out and when I did, I somehow managed to take his entire nursery with us. Now that I have a 4 month old, I have learned the beauty of simplifying! Don’t get me wrong, every now and then, my old pack rat habits try to creep in, but  my hubby happily reminds me when there’s just too much stuff! We bought Disney passes last fall, knowing that Kinsley was due in January, we figured we would do our best to make the most of our passes. I have listed a few convenient tips that I have quickly learned while adventuring Mickey’s house with my little ones!


Each Disney park has their own baby care center where you can breastfeed/pump/feed/change the baby! It’s very convenient, well set up and located in the front of the park. 


So you don’t have to take your pump all around the park, you can leave it at the first aid center which is located near the baby care centers. They will not store the breast milk, but still a huge added bonus to leave the pump bag and pick up as needed.


Get there early! We all love to sleep in, but let’s be honest, our littles won’t let us sleep in anyways, so we may as well get there as close to opening time as possible. It ensures a few extra rides (since you only have 3 fast passes) with low(er) wait times in the morning! Jump on the most popular ride first thing and that way you won’t have to wait twice as long later (if not longer).


Pack the night before. If you’re anything like me, then your mornings are extremely full and many times hectic. Knowing my morning routine and trying to get out of the house, it only makes sense to pack everything the night before. I set out the kids’ outfits, make sure I have an extra sanitizer,  freeze several bottles of water, pack snacks, set my pump bag by the door, and make my infamous last minute to do list which has all belongings that I am not able to pack the night before, That way, in the morning, all I have to do is look at my list and focus on that! 


I have a few diaper bag staples: snacks, sippy cup, hats, hand sanitizer, chapstick, sunscreen and an extra outfit for both kids! Of course I have the regular items too, but that way when we’re out and about, I don’t have to worry if I need to buy my son a sippy cup because I forgot it on the kitchen counter! No worries if I did forget it, (which I do A LOT) because I always have an extra one in the diaper bag. 


Be realistic. Before kids, we would easily stay 10-12 hrs at a theme park, now that we have a 4 month old and a 2 year old, we typically stay 6-8 hrs, give or take. The beautiful thing about Disney World is that almost anything my 2 year old can do, we can take the baby in with us. That’s why we felt good about buying Disney passes with another baby on the way. Disney has SO many rides and shows that are for all ages. ​​


Disney is hot–no surprise there. Knowing how hot it would be, I went to Target the day before and bough my son a squirt fan and my baby a fan that clips on the car seat! They were each under $10 and they both work fabulously! When we went to Disney, I saw a worker selling squirt fans so I went to see the prices and they were each $20, sothe one I got for $8 prior to your trip can save you some money. 


I am always applying and reapplying sunscreen to my littles. My Pediatrician told me not to put sunscreen on Kinsley until she is 6 months old. Just the thought of my fair skinned baby girl getting a sunburn makes my stomach turn. I purchased a UVP 50 umbrella that clips on the stroller. Now I know she is protected more from the sun. I realize she can still get some sun or get hot, so we sit in the shade when possible and frequent the stores for some AC love.


We all know that Disney sells the cutest plush characters and my sons seems to want them all. They are around $15 at Disney World and my son has several plush character toys that are the same thing that I have previously purchased at Target for $5. I make sure to throw 1 or 2 character toys in the stroller the night before to prevent an unnecessary meltdown and alas, the purchase. 

there you have it mommas!

Hope these tips help you survive your next trip as your adventure away at Disney with littles! If you have a tip I didn’t include above, make sure to drop it below! <3

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  • Nicole Banuelos
    June 14, 2017 at 7:50 PM

    We are annual pass holders at Disney so I can affirm that these are awesome tips! I love the umbrella clip you got for the stroller!

  • Platforms and Pacifiers
    June 15, 2017 at 11:43 AM

    Great tips! I LOVE that stroller umbrella and the fan! And that is awesome that the first aid station will keep your pump! Who would have thunk it!

  • Alyssa Funk
    June 15, 2017 at 1:37 PM

    This is so great! We are going soon and I need to save this so I know what to do!

  • Heydy
    June 16, 2017 at 9:07 AM

    Wow! so many great tips and love that there’s a station that holds your pump for your! Amazing!