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sarah blake ochsner

​There are few things worse in my book than walking out the door without my sunglasses. I find myself making goggles out of my hands and squinting like I’m literally on the surface of the sun, lines being prematurely etched into my face from the awkward way I’m contorting my eyes.
​ You can call this all one big first world problem, but sunglasses are a must for me.
As I’ve written here before, I tend to like nice things. It’s a serious problem when you don’t have the means to purchase said nice things. But in college, I was known to choose Prada sunglasses over food. Gosh. Those glasses were so nice… too bad I lost them.
I wish I could tell you that was the only time I permanently misplaced an expensive pair of eyewear, but I cannot. I can think of maybe a dozen pairs of glasses, now gone, being worn by a lucky leprechaun or unicorn in the invisible abyss.
I’ve recently found somewhat of a solution… A supafly new (to me) line of sunglassses that won’t break the bank. A pair that if lost, you’ll certainly be sad, but you won’t cry for three days.
A few months ago, I spotted LeSpecs at Nordstrom. Their unique aviators caught my eye right away.
The brand, which has been around since 1979, has graced the faces of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid and the queen of aviators herself, Khloe K.
With that type of following, I expected the sticker shock to be well, shocking… But to my surprise, the “Prince 57mm sunglasses” I’d been pining cost only 89 bucks.

​I know that’s a lot a lot more than your Target pair, but these are quality glasses that aren’t at a ridiculous price point.
I’ve been wearing them for about a month now and I have nothing but great things to say. They’re dark, but not too dark and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments.
If you’re not an aviator girl (its okay, I wasn’t till recently) LeSpecs has a bunch of different designs at lower prices too.
The brand’s motto is: Live. Love. LeSpecs and I am loving living in the my new sunnies. Give em a try!

Check out these beauties and click to shop!


Le Specs Prince $89


Le Specs Neo Noir $59


Le Specs Flashy Dramatic On Sale $37.50


Le Specs Halfmoon Magic $59


Le Specs Luxe Cleopatra Cat Eye $120


Le Specs Naked Eye Mirror $80

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  • Yvie
    August 5, 2016 at 7:27 AM

    Thank you for sharing sister!!!