Healthy Snack Takeover With Naturebox

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“Don’t go whack when it’s time to snack.” Yep, my new anthem. It’s pretty important of a thought when you’re on the healthy eating journey. Your daily tally of eating good things can be ruined by your snack choices–ugh. You can be the best salad, smoothie or lean meal eater, but graze on doughnuts, candy bars or potato chips for snack. Those kinda cancel each other out, so having an equally healthy snack readily available is the way to stay on the right track. We did a healthy snack takeover with Naturebox and here’s why we love them!

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Kissing Boo Boos and Talking About Gunmen

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Being a parent y’all, is literally the hardest job in the entire world. There is no other job that requires so many different tasks and on so little sleep. In fact, for most jobs, that would be against the law to function that way. There’s making packed lunches each day, tying shoes, kissing boo boos and then, there’s the gunman talk. My heart is heavy today after the recent events of the shooting here in Florida and I know many feel the same. I am so burdened for the families that have lost loved ones that they will never be able to hold in their arms or utter “I love yous” to again. This is going to be a heart dumping sort of post, but I know many are in the place we are–you want to keep your kids innocent, but you can’t escape the horror of terrible possibilities.

My sweet blue-eyed baby girl is six. SIX. Why in heavens name should I have to talk to her about what to do if she hears gunfire at her school? I shouldn’t, that’s just all there is to it. However, my label as her momma comes with the requirement of keeping her safe. I don’t want her to live in fear, my goodness, I don’t, but I want her here with me for forever. I want to keep her safe from heartbreak, from teasing, from owies, from gunmen. Ugh, mommas, I know you get my rambling heart.  continue reading

Bartaco Family Friendly Tampa Eats Hot Spot

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This might sound corn-y, but I have something I must Taco bout…Bartaco. I often find myself on the hunt for family friendly Tampa eats that will be a great fit to our party of five. Somewhere that serves food family style, has a relaxed environment, coloring books as a plus and an air that says you won’t get eye rolls here if your kids are enjoying themselves. Bartaco is a perfect match to those requirements, but the best part is the flavor packed food. Apologizing in advance for making you drool, but great things are worth sharing with friends right?!

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Marriage, Princess Bride and Cheeseburgers: How To Make Marriage Easy

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Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today. If you are a Princess Bride fan, I hope that made you chuckle. If you are not, then thankfully, it just sounds like any old statement as I open up this blog post. My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years and I feel like that puts us in the qualified-to-talk-about-marriage category. No, we don’t do everything right and certainly always have room for improvement, but we might have the Holy Grail of making marriage “easy” tips. Are you ready for it? Here is the killer statement that encompasses all the others…. continue reading

Essential Oils Introduction & Common Uses

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So you’ve seen all this hoopla about essential oils here and there, but maybe just don’t get all the hype. You may be thinking, how in the world does something so little make such a big difference? It’s just oil, like the same thing you put in your car or cook with, right? Modern medicine has come such a long way, why go backwards? I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

Yep–that was me too. I thought all those things and probably some more I don’t remember. After my eyes were opened to the benefits of essential oils, I had to know more. I’ve researched, I tried an unimaginable amount of combinations, I’ve seen them work. I figured it was time to share an introduction to oils with those that want to know more. Side note: All links go to our store. This is not meant to be salesy, solely informative so you can make the best decisions for you. I am confident in the quality of oils we use and where they come from and that is the only reason the links are included here. Ok, now we can move on to the good stuff!

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