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Although I have another little one joining our family in the next 8 weeks, I wanted to share what’s in my Toddler “Undie” Bag. Since writing my posts about potty training I have had a couple questions about packing an extra set of clothes, what do the wet clothes go in, etc. 

I have this adorable bag that I literally bring with me everywhere. It’s great for swim days cause it’s cotton and dries quick when I throw a towel and wet swim suits in the bottom. Plus–“Mother of Wildlings” accurately depicts what my life is like, even if one Wildling is still in utero. 

UndiesCoco and Kiwi Toddler Training Pants 

One of the most important things in a potty trained(ing) child is the undies. My son is one of the kids that if he gets a splash on his undies they are now “all wet”. Not like I’d make him sit in them, but sometimes I can’t even find where they are wet. These Coco and Kiwi undies are perfect for when you are out and about and don’t want to end up with a puddle of liquid in the middle of Target. They protect against the major accidents by incorporating a triple layer of absorbent bamboo. Until we are completely out of the accident zone these are the undies I pack as an extra! 

WipesHuggies Simply Clean

Ok you know that adorable tush that you’ve had to wipe for the last 2/3 years–well it’s not used to toilet paper. I’m not even entirely sure when it gets used to toilet paper, but to help the adjustment of potty training I just still bring wipes with me. 

Change of Clothes— Ralph Lauren Cotton Shorts

You want something easy to take down, that means no zipper or buttons. These are great shorts and you don’t lose the style. 

Hand Sanitizer— Purel Hand Sanitizer

Because your Wildling will think everything in the bathroom needs touched. They don’t see what you see–just bring the sanitizer. 

Snack Cup— Nuby Snack Cup

Toddlers are always hungry. Period. Check out my previous post here

Insulated Water Cup— Nuby Insulated Active Sipeez

We live in Florida, we need cold water at all times. Check out my previous post here

Wet Bag— Skip Hop Wet/Dry Bag
We have had a wet bag forever since we also used to cloth diaper. They are a wonderful invention that allows you to throw it in your bag without getting everything else wet and stinky on your drive home. 

Wallet/Keys— Vera Bradley Zip ID Case

I have a wallet that I use in my purse when I go out and about without my wild little man, but I love this Zip ID Case that I can easily throw the necessary cards/cash and be on my way. 

Phone— Caseology iPhone7 Case

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