Cutting Corners This Valentine’s Day


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Hi! I’m Julie. I’m a busy, full-time working, pastor’s wife and mom of 2 VERY extremely busy boys (Judah, 8 and Asher 2). Our life is FULL in every aspect of the word. We are so very blessed and so very busy! Every year I find myself dreading the “all class gift occasions.” You know what they are: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween. 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I find myself, again, wondering what am I going to do. You see, I have this knack for being mildly creative, but not so crafty. Ugh. It’s a frustrating area to live in when you constantly come up with ideas, but don’t have the skills to carry it out. [Enter wildly handsome, ultra talented husband of mine.] God knew what he was doing when He put us together. We totally balance each other out and, more importantly, he knows how to create whatever pops up in my brain because he just so happens to be a genius graphic designer (on the side).   

I tend to like to put my cutie little guy on his Valentine’s cards, but I’ve also just printed things out for him to sign. I like the “handmade” look more than the store bought. 

​Before Pinterest was around, I was reliable only on whatever hair-brained idea I came up with.

​You too can have adorable cards with very little effort though! You can easily just print out a similar picture like this “So glad we’re in the same school” by I Heart Naptime and have your little person sign their name…no need for a graphic artist!


To create this lollipop card, simply take a picture of your child with their hand held out close to the camera, add a cute little saying like, “I’m a sucker for you,” print at your local convenience store (or at home) and punch 2 holes for a sucker or pixie stick. D.O.N.E.

For his “May The Force Be With You” card from last year, we used the same idea, but added in a “light saber” instead. Again, the hubby came through on this one, but thanks to Pinterest, you’ve got options too!

​This year I feel the need to go with a Star Wars theme [again], because it’s basically taking over my 8 year old’s room [and life]. I’m thinking one of these over at Marci Coombs, Paper & Pastiche and Creative Savings
Thanks for the free printouts Pinterest. I love you.

So, happy pinning or printing! Whatever you decide to do, may the force of Valentine’s cards be with you. ;0)

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