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Gulp–2017 is almost here. Me and time have a love hate relationship. Part of me wants it to slow it’s role and stop ticking, the other part of me is always full of anticipation for things to come. I’d like to think that is a healthy mix, so I’m going to share a little about what this last year has held and where we are going. 

I remember before we launched the site, I started sharing that I was up to something exciting and when I was finally able to convince people I was not pregnant again, the real fun began. It all came out of no where, so I completely understand the many puzzled looks I got. I had a lot of butterflies to get past y’all, as I am a very friendly, loving person, but not what you’d consider outgoing. This is a little bit on the put-it-all-out-there-for-the-world-to-see side and believe me, I had a few coming to Jesus moments where I asked, “are you sure?”

BUT, here we are now, almost 9 months later(almost like I’ve birthed another baby after all, hah!), and I am so glad I said yes to my heart. With the amazing, incredible help of 15 other beautiful ladies, we’ve covered everything from A-Z and it still feels like we’ve just begun, barely scratching the surface. Every post read, every like clicked, every share, every comment written, we are oh so thankful for each ounce of support. 

So what are we hopeful for this new year ahead? We’ve already seen a crazy amount of favor beyond what we could have imagined, so of course we know God is capable of so much more. We will continue to dream, to plan, to hope and work hard. This is not easy…I repeat…this is not easy. There is so much time and energy that goes on in the background, but what I will tell you is it is, and will be worth it. I am on the verge of being home with my babies while doing something I whole heartedly love that includes things I’ve been passionate about my entire life coming back full circle. Something I never could have guessed my path would take as I was anchored in a nursing career, raising three little children and involved in ministry. What I will tell you, is while I was immersed in changing the twins’ diapers and living life, I had that hankering that more was coming, I just didn’t know what or how.

As we reflect what the last nine months has held, but face towards what’s ahead, we have work to do. We’ve been given this platform that has reached 150K on here alone and our goal is to maintain it with integrity, substance, and remain anchored in our beliefs. With one click we have the ability to set a prescedence about who we are and we want it to be the right one. The blogging world can be a little cut throat and I am so glad to have found a community of bloggers that are not that. They understand the work involved and know the importance of supporting and uplifting eachother.

Incase you haven’t been following us too long, we like to have a ton of fun. We’ve partnered with a lot of fabulous companies that we’ve joined alongside to support and share about. This is one of my favorite things as we love to help others build and grow. But I am completely excited about something coming that is for YOU. As mommas, college students, single ladies, we all need our hearts tended to and WE’VE GOT AN APP COMING!! I might have done a little jig thinking about it! We are talking devotionals, videos chats with inspiring women, resources, all of it. It is going to stream line your blog reading experience to keep the fun things as part of it, but the app will be focused on just you my friend. There is a lot of upfront cost and if you’d like to read more, we have a Kickstarter campaign launched if you’d like the chance to give back and receive some great rewards.

You know the saying, “to whom much is given, much is required,” well it’s so true. Things don’t happen overnight, they involve a lot of work and time that isn’t always compensated, but if anchored in a strong foundation and ethic, will succeed. For this next year we are hopeful and with lots of prayer and dedication, we hope to achieve some big things.

​I’ve been asked by countless people, how I do this on top of a full time job, being a wife, having three children, and the answer is…I don’t sleep. Kidding, not kidding, but really, you have to organized. I swear since I’ve had my kids, I have very few brain cells remaining. At present, that means I have at least twenty calender alarms a day so I don’t forget to put clothes in the dryer or the sort. This had led me to become BFFs with my planner and I recently found the START Planner that is about to change my life.


Can we just begin with the fact that it is easy on the eyes? If I am going to have a planner attached to me for an entire year, it certainly helps to be fun to look at.  The one shown here is their Hustle Daily Planner and it comes in at $60.  So for around $5 per month you get to stay sane(worth the money alone, am I right?), be a better business woman or not forget to take your kids to XYZ. 

I especially love it because it has daily pages with time frames. This is perfect for me as I want to meet deadlines and keep tabs on very specific, detailed information day to day. Although they have their Hustle Daily Business Planner which is equally amazing, mine fits well with our beautifully chaotic mesh of a life with kids and business. 

I’ve talked about this before, but often times, the hardest thing to do is start something. The action of actually taking the leap is most scary, but once you do it, it feels so good. How convenient that the name of this planner company is just that? It will encourage you to start things you have not tried before, go after big dreams and follow through with goals. It’s one thing to be employed by someone who sets these items for you, but it’s a whole other ballgame when you are the responsible party. 

As I look at the picture above and all the months ahead that 2017 holds, I am ready. Ready to start things, finish things and start more things based on prior goals met leading to better. You only get one chance at 2017, it will never happen again. I am learning to live more intentional, dream with weighted purpose and go after my passions. To help you get on your way, we get to give away a planner of your choice. Head HERE to enter through January 4, 2017 and grab your printable freebie, THEN to our Instagram to share your biggest goal for 2017 on one of the planner images!

​All of us here at She Is Blank Space are wishing you a merry Christmas and happy, blessed New Year! 

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  • Beth Rosenbleeth
    December 23, 2016 at 6:51 PM

    I DO love this planner! Have viewed it a couple times already and it is calling my name…

  • Erin Ruoff
    December 24, 2016 at 2:27 PM

    I just ordered one of these! Can’t wait to get mine. 🙂

  • Tomeka
    December 26, 2016 at 4:21 PM

    This planner is perfect! It looks like it takes care of every area of a chaotic mama’s life! I’m definitely going to budget to see if I can splurge on this beauty soon.

  • Yvie
    December 27, 2016 at 10:01 AM

    Love it mines for 2017 is an adventure that awaits…

  • Kelsi AW
    December 28, 2016 at 5:36 PM

    Congratulations on all your hard-earned success!!! Keep it up in 2017 🙂 I love Start Planners!!! They are so pretty, and are broken down perfectly for what I need from an organizer 🙂 As soon as they start shipping to Canada, I’m in!!!