Essential Oils Introduction & Common Uses

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So you’ve seen all this hoopla about essential oils here and there, but maybe just don’t get all the hype. You may be thinking, how in the world does something so little make such a big difference? It’s just oil, like the same thing you put in your car or cook with, right? Modern medicine has come such a long way, why go backwards? I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

Yep–that was me too. I thought all those things and probably some more I don’t remember. After my eyes were opened to the benefits of essential oils, I had to know more. I’ve researched, I tried an unimaginable amount of combinations, I’ve seen them work. I figured it was time to share an introduction to oils with those that want to know more. Side note: All links go to our store. This is not meant to be salesy, solely informative so you can make the best decisions for you. I am confident in the quality of oils we use and where they come from and that is the only reason the links are included here. Ok, now we can move on to the good stuff!

Essential Oils Introduction Young Living Starter Kit

what are essential oils?

Fancy lingo ahead just for a moment. Essential oils are aromatic liquids extracted from botanicals such as flowers, seeds, roots or trees. They consist of unique, concentrated combinations of the compounds that form from the item removed from through distillation. Minus the fancy lingo–oil form makes things all the more valuable than the solid form as there is more jam packed in. They have been around since the beginning of time as people have always found use in the natural things around them. Besides known use through the ages, they were brought to baby Jesus and that my friends, is good enough for me–hah!

How To Use Essential Oils 101 Peppermint Lemon Lavender Thieves Immunity

why essential oils are beneficial:

Essential oils help propel your health, mind and spirit as they:

  • Help bring balance to your mood as they give your spirit a pep talk. Yes, please and thank you.
  • Have immunity support qualities to aid in expelling the ickies. A physician should always be consulted to determine the level of infection and best treatment, but in some cases, if advised, oils can substitute use of chemically formed medications with the possibility of side effects. Those qualities can also make the index-fingers-in-the-shape-of-an-X-aimed-at-germs-in-the-air more effective.
  • They connect your sense of smell to the parts of the brain that control memory, breathing, blood pressure, stress and heart rate. Hello slice of paradise for the two seconds you get alone in the bathroom (I adore my kids, I promise) or a relaxing spa at home.
  • They have multiple uses with massage, diffusing, direct application or ingestion to name a few. Anything that has multiple uses is a friend of mine.
  • They can bring aroma to your home, clothing or skin. Goodbye smelly socks or yesterday’s dinner still lingering in the air.

Essential Oils Starter Kit With Diffuser Stress Less Relaxation

why essential oil quality is important:

Because of all the benefits and intricate uses as mentioned above, quality oils are key. There are oils on the market that may have lavender, peppermint or the sort, but they also have additives, or weren’t extracted in a way to obtain the most benefit. I love Young Living because they stand behind their Seed to Seal program that ensures from start to finish, you get the most pure oil possible. Starting with their farms where quality control and environmentally conscious methods are used for harvesting, then the oils are freshly distilled before packaging in their dark glass bottles to preserve them best.

Lemon Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils Uses

how to get started using essential oils

You might feel overwhelmed with where to start, but the key is just starting. I went with a Starter Kit that has some of the most common oils and a few essentials like a diffuser or roller ball to make things easy. Another place to start is just getting a few oils you are certain to love like peppermint, lemon or lavender. I will say though, the kit surprised me with scents I didn’t know I’d love like Thieves or Stress Away, so here I am, talking about that recommendation again. I just like value and being able to do my own thing like experimenting with different combinations.

The most common use for oils that most people think about is through diffusing. Over time, you can advance to topical use, using carrier oils or ingestion techniques. Diffusing is a fabulous way to familiarize and get your kids involved with the new fun. FYI for forewarning, my kids were completely hoovering over the diffuser for more than a few days playing with the mist before they finally moved on to new entertainment(their tendency still sneaks up every now and then when they’re helping put drops in).

the basics on some common oils

[Fact based paraphrasing from source: Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Sixth Edition; Ingredient listings from Young Living Product Guide 2017]

Uses For Lavender Oil For Relaxing Better Sleep Bath Products


Obtained from the flowering top of the lavender plant, it best known for it’s calming properties. In other words, it can help you rest and relax–hallelujah! For that beautiful reason, it’s perfect for adding to baths or body care products. Uses include immunity support, help decrease swelling, relaxant, and bring aide to cholesterol levels.

Peppermint Oil Uses For Your Home Starter Guide 101


Obtained from leaves and stems of peppermint, it’s known to be stimulating to improve attention and performance. Also, it can lessen headache pain and may also help suppress appetite. It sounds like that’s the reason it’s in gum, eh? Uses can include helping detour pain, digestive and immunity support. Side note: We use this in our kid safe bath bombs and they are all the fizziness a kiddo can ask for.

Thieves Oil For Better Immunity and Cleaning Products Antibacterial Young Living


A combination oil of Limonene, Eugenol and Eucalyptol meant for consumption as a dietary supplement. A not so far stretch here, but like the name sounds, it in a way helps steal germs. Listen, I know, I know, but trying to help introduce you to oils and want you to remember. Thieves Vitality can support healthy immune and respiratory function when added to food or beverages with a carrier oil. There is an entire Young Living cleaning line devoted to Thieves due to those benefits.Lemon Essential Oil and It's Uses Starter Kit Package


Removed from the lemon rind and used often in cleaners and skin care products. Besides it’s fresh, appealing smell and taste, it can stimulate immunity and circulation. It can also have relaxing qualities that have great effects on your nervous system. Don’t tell the other oils, but lemon mixed with peppermint, are my faves. It also pairs really well with lavender in my book.

Frankincense Oil Uses and Benefits In Introduction To Oils


From the gum and resin of the Frankincense bush, this oil has long been known for being an immune stimulant. This is an oil that was good enough for Jesus, so you know it’s a miracle worker. It can help with heightening your mood, provide respiratory support and help you relax. It can be diffused or applied topically as well.

Copaiba Essential Oil Introduction Uses Psoriasis Improvement and Skin Repair


Coming from the gum resin from tapped Copaiba trees, this oil is a powerful oil that brings support to your senses. It can also provide wellness to your skin. It can be consumed as a supplement, applied topically or diffused.

young living combination oils:

stress away

Stress Away is primarily made of lime and vanilla, also with Lavender, Copaiba, and Ocotea. Beneficial for comfort, relaxation and of course, getting the stress to go away.


Composed of Wintergreen, Clove, Peppermint and Helichrysum. Panaway is helpful as it soothes and stimulates. Great for post workout aches.


Digize is a unique aromatic blend that includes many favorites like Tarragon, Peppermint, Ginger, Juniper, Fennel, Anise, Lemongrass and Patchouli.


Composed of Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Myrtle, Citronella and Lavandin. Purification is known to be a refreshing deodorizer and even mosquito repellent.


R.C is a big whammy combination of multiple types of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Pine, Lavender, Cypress, Marjoram, Black Spruce, Globulus and Citriodara. Perfect for massages and relaxing.

Guide to Using Essential Oils Young Living Set Starter Kit

the starter kit

So you can see with all that info, why my head was spinning a bit at the beginning and I went with the Starter Kit. It just seemed like the best place to get going from when there are so very many oils to choose from. No joke, there are oils like black pepper, celery seed, lime, dill, coriander, grapefruit…the list could go on and on. Pretty incredible there are so many things available to us naturally to help live our best lives possible minus all the unwanted additives and medications.

Getting Started With Essential Oils Kit and Introduction

what comes in the kit?

All of the oils mentioned above:

  • Lavender 5-ml
  • Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml
  • Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml
  • Copaiba Vitality™ 5-ml
  • Frankincense 5-ml
  • Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml
  • Purification® 5-ml
  • R.C.™ 5-ml
  • DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml
  • PanAway® 5-ml
  • Stress Away™ 5-ml

Also included:

  • Dewdrop Diffuser
  • Rollerball Applicator
  • 10 Sample Packets
  • 10 Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples (Ningxia wolfberry beverage supplement)
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • Essential Edge
  • Member Resources

Yes, that’s a lot in one little box. The best part above the oils of course, is that you get 400.00 worth of goodies for 160.00, plus the opportunity to share about it with others should you choose to do so.

Stress Away Oil Mini Bottles and Samples From Young Living

Essential Oils Starter Kit Contents Roller Ball Topper

Oil Samples in Starter Kit For Young Living Lavender Peppermint


Oil Diffuser and Starter Pack From Young Living Ningxia

Diffuser With Oils Uses and Introduction

Oil Diffuser Uses and Benefits Introduction Lavender Peppermint Thieves

Ok, I know that was a lot of info, but you can certainly bookmark this page to reference later. I’m also here to answer any questions via email or messaging on any of our social channels, Instagram being the quickest to reach me.

The moral of this oil-filled story is that there are so many natural ways to improve our lives. I hope this helped to shed a little light into the possibilities for you and your family. Stay tuned for more specific posts coming soon! In the meantime, if you want to look around, the shop has products like Thieves Cleaning Products, oils ready to go for kids, make up and bath products to enjoy.

I’d love for you to learn more about our family, why we’re on this journey to best health and join us for our day to day on our Instagram!

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