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ashley solberg

Blink…my babies are three. Can someone tell me how that happened? Weren’t they just itty bitty four pound somethings that couldn’t wait to meet the world at thirty-three weeks? From day one, Jase was calm and collected, Lola, sweet and oh so very sassy. Here they are today and we survived having toddler twins, hey hey! That alone calls for a celebration, but most importantly, we are celebrating three years of wonderful memories, giggles and happiness along the way.

All kids love Legos and is there any better way to spend the day than at Legoland in Florida? There are no random Legos on your living room floor to be stepped upon accompanied by a yelp. You know that is a rite of passage as a parent, right? Not going to happen here, every Lego is perfectly placed and strategic for ensuring the little ones have the ultimate experience. Join us as we share our fun day through our kids eyes. We let them be little and soaked in every little expression of the joy and amazement along the way.

Each little nook and cranny, also known as a land in the park falls within a well reknowned Lego theme with no detail left without notice. Amoung the perfectly proportioned Duplo block replicas or World of Chima, are different levels of age related activity within. Animal sound buttons for the twins, water gun laucher for Ella, tractor ride for Daddy. Even my oldest kid-ahem, my husband, had a blast with the kids as we got to participate in each ride together as a family.

We meandered our way through the first two lands and arrived in Lego Kingdoms. Princesses atop towers, knights in thousands of pieces of shiny Lego armour, and oh wait, one sleeping on the job. Wait a tick, not allowed to be tired yet, so much more to see. 

I loved Mini Land. There, I said it! I instantly was taken back to my childhood sitting amidst buckets and piles of Legos longing to be made into a masterpiece over and over again. The kids? Mesmerized. Must be something in our DNA make up. We couldn’t pry their sweet little eyes away from every  fine tuned detail. In a world that must feel so big and overwhelming to them, they felt ten feet tall next to the displays that perfectly dipicted the Daytona Speedway, Downtown Tampa, NYC, Vegas and the sort. There were lots of “Mommy look at this and that!” moments and I, I mean they, couldn’t have enjoyed it more.  

After their minds were filled with wonder, now it was time to stimulate them in the Imagination Zone. Can we just look at this flying car? It may look like a close up shot of an object you can hold in your hand, but no, it’s an oversized display that somehow captures all the right connection pieces and even tire tred texture you can imagine holding between your finger tips. We made our way inside to let them make some creations. Three kiddos, three different personalities, three unique masterpieces. 

If all of the aforementioned activities hasn’t filled up your fun cup yet, then there is Boating School, ice cream in the Fire House, Driving School, a Land of Adventure Safari and a playground stop. Phew! What a wonderful, interactive, memory making day we had celebrating our littles. As adults, we have so many things on our plates and it’s always a good idea to let our inner child break free and experience the world through the eyes of our kids.

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  • Yvie
    September 27, 2016 at 11:58 AM

    Memories that will stay with you forevermore! So glad to see you enjoying your beautiful family! Jeremiah and you enjoying each other! Love to the smiles and all the fun at Legoland.