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chelsie worley

Crafting has been my favorite hobby for as long as I can remember, and now that I’m a mom, I am always looking for ways to incorporate my kids into the crafts I choose. No matter how advanced the craft is, there is always something they can help with. So that being said, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but fairy gardens are alllll the craze right now and after doing a little research, I thought it would be the perfect thing to do with my kids to kick off the Spring season. If you are in the dark about a fairy garden, let me fill you in! It’s a garden with smaller sized plants that you then fill with teeny tiny accessories {a bike, swing, house} to welcome your {make-believe} fairies in. It’s perfect for little girls of any age to pretend and use their imaginations and it’s a great place to start teaching young kids how to care for plants.

{Side note} Don’t worry… if you only have little boys this is a really fun activity for them too. I am working on one for my 3 year old little boy and instead of fairies and flowers and all things girly, we are filling it with mini dinosaurs, bears and other woodland creatures. We call it his “man cave” rather than fairy garden and he LOVES it!

When you have time, go on Etsy, type “fairy garden accessories” into the search bar and you will see page after page of the tiny accessories available for a fairy garden. It can get pretty costly buying all of the adorable little things to fill your garden but the good news is, over the next few weeks I’m going to be showing you some things you can make that won’t break the bank. The awesome part about today’s craft is that you probably have a lot of the supplies around your house. I’m going to show you how to make a mini garden teepee-style tent as a “house” for your fairies.


Small piece of fabric
4 sticks you can get from your yard                                 
Piece of string (twine, fishing line, thin rope, whatever you have)
Hot glue gun (optional)

To begin, you want to get your frame made. Gather your 4 sticks and cut them all down to the same length. Then take 2 of them, cross them at the top (about 1 inch down) and begin wrapping with your string. Once those feel secure, add a third stick by wrapping with the string. Once your third stick it wrapped, you can add your fourth stick by continuing the wrapping with the string. The base should resemble a square or rectangle and should look something like this:

Now it’s time to cover it with your fabric. After you have your stick frame made, take your fabric and drape it over the top of the frame with the center of the fabric where the 4 sticks meet. Take your scissors and begin trimming the fabric so it ends right at the bottom of each stick.
When you are done trimming, you should have one big circle. Take that circle and cut it in half. You can discard the second half or if you’re like me, save it for another project 😉

Take your half-circle of fabric, fold about a half inch seam down the long side of the half-circle and wrap it around the top of your frame. Once you have the fabric draped like you want, I like to take a hot glue gun and glue the fabric around the top. This step is optional but it helps secure it a little better, especially since this will be outside.

Then take your twine or string and tie it around the top like you see in the picture.

The last step is to trim the fabric one more time to make sure none of it is hanging past the legs of the teepee. I didn’t want the fabric getting dirty in the soil when the kids watered their plants so it squared it all up a bit.
And that’s it! Now you have a cute little home for your fairies or bears and whatever else your kids want to welcome into their gardens! I decided to make one in a denim fabric for my son’s “man cave” and it turned out pretty cute, too.
A fairy garden is something that can be as big or as little as you want it to be but just have fun with it! The possibilities are endless and I love it because it gives me something a little out of the ordinary to do with my kids while we are outside enjoying nature. Check back soon for another project or 2 and for more details on picking the right plants for your fairy garden.

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