Marriage, Princess Bride and Cheeseburgers: How To Make Marriage Easy

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Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today. If you are a Princess Bride fan, I hope that made you chuckle. If you are not, then thankfully, it just sounds like any old statement as I open up this blog post. My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years and I feel like that puts us in the qualified-to-talk-about-marriage category. No, we don’t do everything right and certainly always have room for improvement, but we might have the Holy Grail of making marriage “easy” tips. Are you ready for it? Here is the killer statement that encompasses all the others….

Making marriage easy involves hard work.

Yes, I know that is an oxymoron, but allow me to explain. Things that are valued and treasured require devotion. In other words, going to a fast food joint to grab a $1 cheeseburger is easy, but you get what you pay for. Getting a depth-filled, multi-course meal at a fancy restaurant requires a reservation and a little more out of your pocket.

You know the times where marriage feels like a piece of cake–no tifts, no eye rolls, no who are you and what have you done with my husband kind of days? I guarantee the days prior involved some sort of above and beyond, respect giving, love cup filling activity. For some, this comes extra naturally and all day every day they put in the work maybe without knowing it so it makes things just look like a breeze. For most, it gets too far gone before you realize there’s probably something you could have been doing better to prevent the lull phases. This is the time where bickering comes in. Someone feels like they need more subconsciously and bring up a “hey, remember me” sort of tift that lead to those “what were we even arguing about” moments.

We were 19 and 21 when we got married, barely adults, barely knew how to take care of ourselves, but we were in love with all the heart eyes. Neither one of us had even lived on our own, so there’s that firstly. Then, you know…bills, college, life, adulting. Our first year was hard, but we learned so much about ourselves and each other. The biggest thing we learned is marriage takes work.

I think a lot of people look at that statement as a burden, but it doesn’t have to be. When you pour into your spouse, they will reciprocate. It’s human nature, it’s Biblical–“give and it shall be given” really works y’all.  You can’t do anything halfway and expect someone to give you their 100%, am I right?

So…it’s Valentine’s Day soon and it’s ok to be all lovey dovey then, but it’s also a good idea to put the work in all year round. Easy marriage comes with devotion, putting someone else before yourself, giving the love to them that you want to get back. Not so easy, right? But, oh so worth it.

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