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Relaxed, free, adventurous–vacation should be all about just those things, because that is the point, right?!  The last thing you want to add to any trip is stress and there is one thing I’ve found that helps keep the carefree vibe of any trip you take. The Tripsmash app will help you organize everything from your flights to restaurant reservations to which activities you don’t want to miss. Downloading the app doesn’t cost you anything, so you can save towards bungee jumping, shark diving or the sort. Stay tuned below for all the uses and why it’s fabulous for group travel


On our recent trip to Maui, I learned just how much I needed this new free app from Tripsmash I came across. When you’re flying to a time zone that has a change of six hours, you sometimes don’t know what end is up or even what day it is until you adjust. To fix the time warp madness and keep the chill vibe, you can pre-enter all your travel itinerary details into the Tripsmash app. We are talking flights, hotel reservations, activities, restaurants–anything planned has a spot. As seen below, it color codes each category and you can click the item to view any details you or the coordinator added in. 






Plane, train, boat or automobile, it gives you the option to choose. Once you make your selection, the fill in the blank details change and adapt to what’s need for your route. 


Plane, train, boat or automobile, it gives you the option to choose. Once you make your selection, the fill in the blank details change and adapt to what’s need for your route. 


Whether you’re staying in a hotel, Airbnb or RV, you can add in your confirmation number and dates of stay. The app takes care of pulling in the address along with reviews.


Second to food, this one is may favorite. We are big on doing off the beaten path travel and this is a way to make sure nothing gets missed on our list. You swipe to choose your option of a museum, concert, tour, landmark, meeting or other. If you can fit something in on the day planned, you just click edit and add to the next!

group travel

For this trip, we were there for a destination wedding for my sister. With so many others present for an event like that, family reunion or college graduation trip, this is the perfect solution to keeping on the same page. You can share the itinerary, making it so easy to coordinate more group activities ahead of time, send messages for updates via in app chat and even allow them to fill in some of their own fun too. For the person coordinating, you can also input all the information on your desktop and then click share for them to access in their app. ​​

When you leave it to this free app to keep track of all the things needed for a successful vacation, you just get to enjoy. Minimize the bucket list items you missed, eat at the one restaurant every local raves about and live life to the fullest.

Click here to download the FREE Tripsmash app​​​

tell me below!

What’s one bucket list place you’ve yet to visit or a place you’ve been to that surprised you that’s worthy of making the cut for others to add to theirs?!?
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  • H yang
    October 18, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    My goal is to visit Yosemite National Park next year with my little family.

  • Katie Bressler
    October 18, 2017 at 1:09 PM

    What a neat and helpful app! We would love to visit Mexico again (went for our honeymoon) and this would be a huge helper!

  • Mom Plus Three
    October 23, 2017 at 2:26 PM

    Australia is on my bucket list. Probably will take 20 years to get there, but thats ok!!!! 🙂