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jennifer wagner

Ok mamas. This one’s for you.

Being a mommy is a big job. It’s rewarding, absolutely. Without a doubt. With that awesome feeling of overabounding love comes the huge requirement of responsibility, constant physical and emotional strength, and the never-ending task of questioning EVERYTHING we do as mommies.

Well today we’re going to focus on why you’re rocking this thing I like to call mommy’ing. Whether you’re a working mommy, a single mommy, a stay-at-home-mommy, a foster mommy, or just a random lady who “adopts” every kid she meets as her own, we’re celebrating you today and everyday!

Here are 10 reasons you are a rock star:

1. {You Have Super Human Strength}
Lugging around your little one in a baby wearer, while carrying an over-sized diaper bag in one hand and sixteen plastic grocery bags in the other is quite the task. And for those of you who must trek up three flights of stairs and just barely figure out how to get the key into that tiny hole to open the door… we see you. And exercise. Oh exercise. Just because they call it a “baby-jogger” doesn’t mean that it makes jogging much easier. The first three minutes are doable! But it takes a huge amount of physical (and mental, for that matter)strength to keep going when pushing one of those things! Moms with double-joggers – we salute you. Moms with newborns, no one will ever understand how heavy that infant carseat/baby carrier is. It is heavy without the baby inside. Then you put your up-to-one-year-old in there. Good gracious. There’s a reason your biceps have you looking like The Incredible Hulk these days.

2. {Multi-Tasking Madness}
Mornings are great for this. Eggs are cooking to just the right texture on the stove, your coffee is (again) being reheated in the microwave, you’re brushing your preschooler’s hair, while gently bouncing the bouncy-seat with your foot as the baby drinks his bottle. Your mom called and you feel like you’ve neglected her lately so the phone is wedged between your shoulder and your ear as you squeeze in a quick conversation about the weather. Your first grader is asking you questions as they hurry to finish some last minute homework before the school bus arrives. And somehow – although you feel like an absolute scattered, mess of a mama – you manage to tend to everything. Maybe the eggs burned, and the coffee will need 30 more seconds (again). But you somehow did it all. And basically at the same time.

3. {Patience for Days}
There is absolutely no amount of patience that is comparable to that which is required when your toddler is having a complete and total meltdown. Maybe as a new mommy, you’re a little quicker to “give in” in order to shorten the length of the tantrum. But as time goes on you realize, ain’t nobody stopping this tantrum til they are good and ready to get themselves together. Maybe it takes five minutes. Maybe it takes an hour (for those more strong-willed little sweeties). Can we just pause and think about the patience it takes to listen to your child crying, screaming, kicking, rolling around on the floor (or whatever your little ray of sunshine does–every child has their own flavor of crazy!). But once you realize that giving in and having a meltdown alongside your little one is just not an option, the patience meter grows exponentially. This is where we mamas tune out the tantrum. Kudos to you, mama, for the days when your patience astounds even YOU!

4. {An Answer for Everything}
When my daughter was two-and-a-half, I thought man, she asks a lot of questions. When she turned three, the number of questions increased. Recently she turned four, and my-oh-my. Holy cow. I have never, in my life, answered so. many. questions. We don’t always have the answers for the questions. But sometimes, we actually surprise ourselves with how we are able to not only come up with an answer, but more amazingly to come up with an answer that is explainable to a child half our size. Today, my preschooler’s question was “how does God put the baby in your tummy though?”

….ya’ll pray for me on that one.

But otherwise, keep on answering those questions, mama. You’re doing great.

5. {You’ve Got Your Own Flavor}
With all the different parenting styles and personalities out there, we’re all bound to be different in more ways than one. Only you can decide exactly how you want to parent, and who you want to be as a mommy. Whether you’re the “crunchy” mommy who insists on organic-only, thankyouverymuch, or the drive-through mommy who will make it work however she has to. Mommy’ing requires deciding. And that’s the hardest part sometimes. With all the opinions constantly darting toward you, it’s not always easy. So for every time you decided who you were going to be as a mommy, and what was best for your specific child and your family, we honor your decision-making super-strength.

6. {Emotions of Steel}
This is for the times you had to hand your little one over to a care giver, a family member, a babysitter, or someone else for a few hours or even every day when you go to work. The tear-filled eyes, hands reaching for you, and cries of desperation will grip you right at your core! You know you have to let the little one learn to separate at times, but that does not make it any easier at all. Every fiber of your being wants to turn around, scoop up your baby, hug him closer than you ever have, and never part from him again. But you take a deep breath, give him one big hug, and one big kiss, and tell him that “mommy always comes back.” Now that is something to be admired.

7. {Greatest Cheerleader Ever}
Of all the people that will ever cheer your child on, you always have been and always will be their biggest fan. You muster up every ounce of encouragement you have to support and celebrate them every chance you get. They could find this awesome reassurance in another, but you, mama, are who they crave. You inspire them, push them, motivate them, and challenge them to greatness. The look in your eyes when you are proud of them makes every effort they ever putforth worth it.

8. {Love Like No Other}
When you are a mommy, a love is planted on the inside of you that even you do not understand. Through tears, heartache, hurt, rejection, ups and downs, and all the waves that come along with parenting, your love does not change. You – just you – have this one-of-a-kind love that is between you and your little one(s). Your love is unique to you, and no one else can describe or duplicate it. At the very core of each and every one of us, we want to be loved. As a mommy, loving is what you do best. Your love (while not always appreciated during the younger years) is undergirding a great foundation in the heart of your little one, who will one day become an adult and become deeply thankful for the love of a mommy like you.

9. {You are Making a Difference in the World}
Every question answered, every meal cooked for your family, every day of hard work while your child is at school, every soccer practice you attend, every gentle shoulder you lend to cry on, every firm act of guidance, every sweet smile, every warm hug, and every moment of connectedness you lend to your child, you are making a difference in the world. You have formed (or are forming) a little human who will one day become an adult, and possibly a parent just like you. This grown-up will not get everything just right. But just like you, she’ll persevere do her best, and celebrate the awesome mommy that spent endless amounts of effort, energy, and time, to pour into her like no one else in the universe.

Most lists would have 10 things—TEN things that make you a rockstar. Ten means perfection. But as a mama, you know good and well that perfection is not something we’re often familiar with. There’s enough negativity in the world—let’s make sure we unite in sisterhood to acknowledge that we are enough. Not perfect. But enough. Messy bun, un-brushed teeth, ripped jeans, and in desperate need of coffee—our kids don’t mind. Frustrated, exhausted, and maybe just on the edge of tears—they still know your love. You are enough. We’re not perfect—and we realize there is no perfect in the land of mommyhood. That’s what makes us rockstar mommas.

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  • Yvie
    May 11, 2016 at 7:40 AM

    Needed this reminder Jen! Xo