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It’s not hard to imagine how a place like Maui can make you feel–relaxed, free, adventurous. Although the carefree vibe is clear everywhere you go, there are certainly a few things you need to be able to jump right in. This last trip was a little different as we went for my sister’s gorgeous wedding and there were a lot of people to coordinate with on top of the usual three kids busyness. I’m sharing some of my favorite fashion and travel finds that stood by us in the mix of exploring and relaxation.

Tropical Vacation Fashion And Travel Must Haves

Travel App Bathing Suit Sunglasses For Hawaii

travel app

Oh my, I can’t tell you how much I extra love this new free app from Tripsmash I came across. When you’re flying to a time zone that has a change of six hours, you sometimes don’t know what end is up or even what day it is until you adjust. To fix the time warp madness, you can pre-enter all your travel itinerary details into the Tripsmash app. We are talking flights, hotel reservations, activities, restaurants–anything planned has a spot. For this trip, with so many others present, you can share the itinerary, making it so easy to coordinate more group activities ahead of time, send messages for updates via in app chat and even allow them to fill in some of their own fun too. For the person coordinating, you can also input all the information on your desktop and then click share for them to access in their app.


TRANSPORTATION: Plane, train, boat or automobile, it gives you the option to choose. Once you make your selection, the fill in the blank details change and adapt to what’s need for your route. 

FOOD: After you’ve entered the restaurant name, it will auto-fill the address for a click to map ability when go time, along with Yelp and Google ratings. Even though you may be on island time, you don’t want to miss your reservation so can input the time as well. 

ACCOMMODATIONS: Whether you’re staying in a hotel, Air BnB or RV, you can add in your confirmation number and dates of stay. The app takes care of pulling in the address along with reviews. 

ACTIVITIES: Second to food, this one is may favorite. We are big on doing off the beaten path travel and this is a way to make sure nothing gets missed on our list. You swipe to choose your option of a museum, concert, tour, landmark, meeting or other. If you can fit something in on the day planned, you just click edit and add to the next!

​ Click here to download the FREE Tripsmash app

hula ready dresses & tees

Being able to sway to the strum of the ukulele and ocean breeze requires light flowy dresses. It certainly doesn’t hurt to add in some tropical floral print into the mix like shown on these Kyla Wren and Emmy Mae Boutique dresses.  For your beach days when you’re feeling your inner mermaid coming out, comfy tees like this Part Mermaid one from Thread Tank or even their pineapple tee will get you in the tropical groove.

Part Mermaid Tee For Hawaii Travel

Traditional Hawaiian Dress Fashion Floral




Maui Hawaii Travel Fashion Dress Floral Print



r&r worthy robes

Because vacation can’t just be about going from one thing to the next, sometimes you just need some R&R time. These custom made robes from Silk & More were perfect for pre-wedding festivities, but also for watching the sun come up with coffee in hand the next day. If you’re looking for a bridesmaids gift, they are sorted in her shop by coordinating colors for ideas to make your day extra special.

Bridesmaid Silk Robe Bride Gift



jewels of the sea

A little bit of sparkle goes a long way. When you go on vacation to Maui, you leave the fancy smancy jewelry at home. Even for a more fancy night out, everything is still dressy casual at most. I adore these bar necklaces from JCL Jewelry and beaded bracelets from Luv & Bart because they have just the right amount of sweetness to sparkle ratio.

As we are madly in love with this favorite vacation spot, I asked if Jenn from JCL Jewelry could help me do something special to remember the trip by. We went with a personalized bar necklace with Ohana on the top line, then Aloha Nui Loa on the second, which translates to very much love for family. For the second necklace, as my gift to my sister, I wanted her to have her own special memento from the wedding so we engraved Maui and the date for her. You can also find the sweetest kids bracelets we featured here.

The stackable bracelets from Luv & Bart fit in perfectly with the beautiful colors of everything on the island. Many textures that resemble the sand, water and rain forest are all combined in the form of gold, dainty tassels and rich colored bead to blend in beautifully. Lots of aloha love for those two.

Hawaiian Saying Gold Bar Necklace

Aloha Maui Wedding Date Gold Bar Necklace




Beaded Bracelet From Luv Bart


carry all bags

You need different bags for different things when on vacation. That may be my excuse to take more than one with me, but hey, don’t judge! Some days we just wanted to do a mini beach pit stop to watch the windsurfers where my top handle banana leaf print bag from Sloane Ranger fit my camera with little essentials, other days I needed hands free to hike in the Bamboo Forest with my Twelve Little companion backpack,  and some days just needed to toss in my wallet and some snacks for the kids as we explore the town with my canvas bag from Woven Willow Boutique. The personalized bag was given to all those that traveled to the destination wedding, isn’t that the cutest idea?!

Sloane Ranger Palm Leaf Bag With Leather On Beach

Top Handle Banana Leaf Print Bag | BLANKSPACE for 20 percent off, free shipping for orders over 50.00


Top Handle Banana Leaf Print Bag | BLANKSPACE for 20 percent off, free shipping for orders over 50.00

Twelve Little Diaper Bag Back Pack For Travel


Twelve Little Pewter Backpack



Wherever your adventures take you soon, I hope you love these tropical necessities. Remember to soak in all the little moments and do something you’ve never done before <3
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