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As a first time mom you have a huge shower, and receive everything you need for your bundle of joy. The second time around you’ve kept everything and struggle with putting stuff on your sprinkle registry so you throw a new hair brush, some pacifiers, and towels and call it a day. Some of my favorite gifts were non-traditional gifts that I received from friends and family that helped us in those first few weeks of being new parents again. These gifts will make the new parents life easier, give them a chance to bond as a family, and most importantly relax.

food delivery


One of my favorite gifts ever was a year of delivery from ShiptShipt is an awesome service that does your grocery shopping for you, and delivers at the time frame that you have chosen. There have been many nights when I have been up nursing and ordered some stuff for the next day. It makes life so much easier for new parents, especially during flu season when you don’t want to take your little one out. Use this link to receive $10 off your first order! 

Another one of my favorites is Ubereats or Amazon Prime Now these are great delivery services that go to different restaurants in your area to pick up and deliver your food. This is a great gift for when you want to help the new parents out, but would like to give them their space until they are ready for guests. If you use this code, you get $10 off your first order: eats-brittanym11936ue .

​date night

Date nights are rare those first couple weeks (months) so when someone showed up with a date night basket for us, I was ecstatic. Such a special gift, and even though I had to make dinner, we made it a date and really enjoyed it. A new movie, dinner that required no thought, and dessert that was just divine–was the absolute perfect gift! 

Another quick date night meal idea is using a delivery service such as Home Chef. I actually started to use this service before I had Carson and absolutely loved it! The meals were fantastic and really quick–I’m talking less then 45 minutes it took to prep and cook. There are so many choices to choose from, based on what you like to eat. Here is a special link for you to save $30 on your first delivery. Gifting this allows the parents to choose when they are ready to start back in the kitchen cooking for their families. ​

​sitter notes

I’ve included a fun printable for when you do get to go out on your first date night. This has helped us so many times when we have people that aren’t so familiar with our schedule during the day. Click here or the picture below to download!

​baby file system

If you are the DIYer, this one is for you! I made one of these with my first son, and bought a bigger one with my second so I could include both of their information in one folder. This is so convenient for when you go out of town or leave them with a sitter. Everything is in the folder in case something happens or you need information quickly. 

Tell us below about a time you really could have used one of these goodies! 

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