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Homemade Kid Safe Bath Bombs For Valentine’s Day

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Heart eyes day is approaching and my kids are OBSESSED with these fun little fizzy things that you toss in the tub. I am sure you might be familiar with them too as it seems they are the most technologically advanced entertaining thing in existence–hah! Ok, ok, you guessed it, it’s a bath bomb. Trouble I found is they are far too expensive for thirty seconds of said entertainment. Most of them are questionable on the safety side for kids too. I have three little kiddos, so both of those factors are pretty important. I bought ingredients in bulk for a fifth of what it would cost to purchase the same bath bombs in a store. We worked hard to perfect an easy homemade bath bomb recipe for Valentine’s that is kid safe and of course, super fizzy.

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Our Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Family Progress

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We are just about two months into this healthy lifestyle transformation. Boy is it a process, but anything good takes a little work right?! You can read about the full story of why we started this journey here, but in a nutshell, it was just flat out needed. I felt blah, I turned to fast food more often than I care to admit and was just overwhelmed with not taking better of myself. This of course overflowed onto my family and something had to be done. I didn’t want to start a fad diet just to revert or go half in, so I went ALL in. We are talking food, beauty, clothing and home products. I know you’re probably thinking that’s overkill, but initially I started with food and thought, “what’s the point of eating better if other things I use are yuck?!” So, here’s a little update of where we are at and a few favorites I’ve found so far along the way.

*I am not a doctor. Any life changes you feel in your heart after reading this should be discussed with your physician first or researched further on your own to ensure a best fit to your lifestyle. I am a nurse by trade and do have a general understanding of body mechanics and nutrition with heavy research done before notating anything additional I write.

Healthy Life Transformation Progress Black Beans Sweet Potato

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Transforming Your Home Cleaning Products To Be All Natural With Mrs. Meyer’s

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As we’ve been working towards better health as a family, one thing that needed major work was our home products. I did a complete overhaul to all natural safe cleaning products with Mrs. Meyer’s for a price you won’t believe. It felt so good to toss the old laundry and cleaning items that just don’t fit the bill of kid-friendly things I want to have in my home. If you’re like me and have sticky little hands roaming around, a few loads of laundry to tackle each day or a stack of never ending dirty dishes, at least these products will take your mind off the safe-for-your-family aspect as you work through your to-do list (maybe–on a good day). While you’re working on said list, Grove Collaborative is working on getting your shipment right to you in an eco-friendly way.

Mrs Meyers Natural Cleaning Products Safe For Kids

Natural Cleaning Products Mrs Meyers Sponge Scrub Brush Laundry Dish Hand Soap

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Organic Bath and Body Goods By Grown Alchemist

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Where to begin when there is so much I want to say. As we’ve embarked on this journey to remove a lot of items off our bathroom shelves that have one too many syllables that are hard to pronounce, I am loving what I’m learning. I’ve always been aware of the benefits of eating organic foods, but never gave much thought to bath and body products. It should make sense though that what you put in your body is equally important as what you put on it. There are no question marks with Grown Alchemist¬†organic botanical beauty products and I’ll share why.

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