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Cozy Cuddles And Coffee In Winter Wear

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You know those coffee mugs that say something along the lines of “don’t talk to me until this cup is empty?” Ok, maybe I’m not that bad, but it certainly takes me at least having that first sip to get myself going for the day. This is even more so on those cold mornings when there is a chill throughout the house. I know they are few and far between here, but you bet I take advantage of them and dress the part when I can. It just so happens that ClimateRight by Cuddle Duds at Walmart brings on the cozy factor to make the morning even more enjoyable, cuddles included.

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Celebrating The Holidays In Style With Carter’s

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beth mirelez

“This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”
What’s cuter than a baby all snuggled in their Christmas jammie’s while roaming the house looking for Santa’s milk and cookies?!? Absolutely NOTHING! This time of year is simply magical and when you have little ones at home,  Carter’s helps to bring the magic to life by having such a variety of holiday attire to dress your little one in! Whether you have a holiday party to attend or a day of sledding, their sweet clothes offer your baby the perfect outfit while not breaking the bank! ​Below, I’m going to share why I love their holiday line so much and how they give back with the Pajama Program.

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Sharing Aloha Worthy Fashion & Travel App

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It’s not hard to imagine how a place like Maui can make you feel–relaxed, free, adventurous. Although the carefree vibe is clear everywhere you go, there are certainly a few things you need to be able to jump right in. This last trip was a little different as we went for my sister’s gorgeous wedding and there were a lot of people to coordinate with on top of the usual three kids busyness. I’m sharing some of my favorite fashion and travel finds that stood by us in the mix of exploring and relaxation.

Tropical Vacation Fashion And Travel Must Haves

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Styling For Fall In Gwynnie Bee

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liana cruz

​Hey beauties, happy fall! It’s officially here so that means bring out those cute booties, long sleeves, and jackets. Us plus size girls have options now and not just a frumpy pullover jacket or a baggy pair of sweatpants, we can look good and show off our beautiful figure. So naturally, I turn to Gwynnie Bee to meet all my fall fashion cravings with all their beautiful brand named pieces I adore! 

The easy part about Gwynnie Bee? They send you beautiful brand name garments to try on in sizes 10-32, wear, and then, the suspense…deciding to #RentNReturn or #BorrowNBuy. Sometimes a piece you thought you’d never try on in the store is the winner, other times it’s an inseparable staple. The best part of it all is if you can’t part with what you receive, you can add it to your collection at an unbelievably discounted price (like “woah, is this for real” kind of pricing!).  Sometimes, you can wear a piece to a special girls night out or give it a whirl for your next holiday party and then send it back to get your next box on the way.

The beauty of it all–they have an absolutely FREE 30 day trial with no risk. If you decide to stick around (which you will want to), they have varied garment quantity packages, free shipping both ways and then of course, the cute clothes.

​I so love Gwynnie Bee for giving us options in so many shapes and forms, but the nail biting kicker is…should you #BorrowNBuy or #RentNReturn? Take a peek at my most recent styled box pieces and then see below how I decide what to.

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Talking Travel & Fashion With Kids: Maui Edition

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Travel with kids is nothing but blue skies, or at least one would hope! We recently took the kids with us back to Maui for their second time. Traveling all the way over from Florida equates to about 4500 miles of pulling every trick out of my Mary Poppins bag to keep the exhaustion melt downs to a minimum (mine too). Long airplane or car rides can be testing on your momma patience, but I have a few travel and fashion favorites for kids to make the journey easier for you and them.

travel with kids tips and tricks:

Surfboard Tank For Boys Hawaiian Floral Onesie For Toddler Girl Maui

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