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Our Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Family Progress

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We are just about two months into this healthy lifestyle transformation. Boy is it a process, but anything good takes a little work right?! You can read about the full story of why we started this journey here, but in a nutshell, it was just flat out needed. I felt blah, I turned to fast food more often than I care to admit and was just overwhelmed with not taking better of myself. This of course overflowed onto my family and something had to be done. I didn’t want to start a fad diet just to revert or go half in, so I went ALL in. We are talking food, beauty, clothing and home products. I know you’re probably thinking that’s overkill, but initially I started with food and thought, “what’s the point of eating better if other things I use are yuck?!” So, here’s a little update of where we are at and a few favorites I’ve found so far along the way.

*I am not a doctor. Any life changes you feel in your heart after reading this should be discussed with your physician first or researched further on your own to ensure a best fit to your lifestyle. I am a nurse by trade and do have a general understanding of body mechanics and nutrition with heavy research done before notating anything additional I write.

Healthy Life Transformation Progress Black Beans Sweet Potato

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Transforming Your Home Cleaning Products To Be All Natural With Mrs. Meyer’s

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As we’ve been working towards better health as a family, one thing that needed major work was our home products. I did a complete overhaul to all natural safe cleaning products with Mrs. Meyer’s for a price you won’t believe. It felt so good to toss the old laundry and cleaning items that just don’t fit the bill of kid-friendly things I want to have in my home. If you’re like me and have sticky little hands roaming around, a few loads of laundry to tackle each day or a stack of never ending dirty dishes, at least these products will take your mind off the safe-for-your-family aspect as you work through your to-do list (maybe–on a good day). While you’re working on said list, Grove Collaborative is working on getting your shipment right to you in an eco-friendly way.

Mrs Meyers Natural Cleaning Products Safe For Kids

Natural Cleaning Products Mrs Meyers Sponge Scrub Brush Laundry Dish Hand Soap

how to transform your cleaning products to all natural and safe for less

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The Perks of Taking Kids To Your Local Farmer’s Market

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Something big on our list right now is fruits and veggies. We’ve been on this journey to better health for over a month now and besides seeing myself feel better, the best part is seeing my kids enjoy it all too. This week we ventured to two local farmer’s markets in Tampa and they were like kids in a candy store, minus the candy of course. I’m finding that visiting a farmer’s market with kids has it’s perks besides the obvious nutrition side!

Farmer's Market With Kids Hand Holding Red Pepper Helping Pick Fruit and Veggies

perks of going to a local farmers market with kids:

kids love food.

It seems like they can never get enough to eat so you can’t go wrong taking them to a place solely full of food. I can’t promise there won’t be a bite in an apple before you make it to the check out counter, but given the nature of the relaxed environment, I’m sure the cashier will understand. continue reading

Chatting About All Things Health.

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jennifer wagner



Allow me to tell you more about myself (for those who don’t know me. Haha!). I’m Jennifer, and I’m married to my absolute best friend ever. I have two sweet kiddos, my 5-year-old daughter, and my 1-year-old son who are literally the most exhausting and amazing little people ever. I’m a working-mommy turned stay-at-home-mommy. I absolutely love spending time with my family. I do photography. I love being involved in my church. And guess what – I used to be 336 pounds. 


Yep, you read that correctly. This was me before I started my health journey. Well it’s still me! Hehe! BUT boy have I changed on the inside and on the outside. I look at this girl and I remember how horrible I felt at the time, over ten years ago. This girl was bullied all through school, and by the time I graduated high school I was just in such a dark, sad, and hopeless place.

I remember the night before I started my health journey. I remember laying in bed, in the dark, and sobbing. Sobbing, and sobbing, and sobbing some more. Until I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up and started making tiny changes in my health choices.

Just baby steps. Small changes here and there that added up in the long run.

In the forefront of my mind, I am always thinking about this girl. I’m thinking of how it felt to live in that 336 pound body, and how different it feels now, to be healthy. That’s probably why I have become so passionate about my own health, and about helping other people in the journey, in whatever small ways I can.

That’s what it’s all about right?! Sharing your story, and letting your crazy mess become your message!! So here I am, sharing a few of the key elements that help me stay on track these days.

In this post you’ll find the four main components of my health habits, and how I use them to help me reach my ever-changing goals.

​meal prep


Meal prep has been a major game-changer for me, and it actually helped me break though a major weight loss plateau in my life!

What I do is this. I start crafting my menu for the week on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, I go grocery shopping, making sure I pick up everything I need to make all the foods on my menu. Then on Sunday, I prepare all of my food for the entire week. Yes, it’s a little bit of a task. But once it’s done, it’s done! 

Think about it. We all have to eat. Every single day, all day long. We can’t just NOT eat. Obviously. Hehe. So eating is this thing we constantly have to think about and decide on. That, mixed with the absolute craziness of life, things get a little blurry and it gets difficult to make the right decisions on what to eat and when. 


So with meal prep, you only have to plan ahead for the week, and then you’re done. So everything is ready to go. You don’t have to guess or decide, you just take out your meal and ENJOY! 

The biggest question I get about this is where to get the containers! I just use these containers(11.99 for 15), which I ordered from Amazon. I use the​ black, rectangle containers for my bigger meals, which are usually a meat, a carb, and a veggie. I use the medium containers for snacks that might just be a meat and a veggie. And I use the small round containers(14.99 for 36) for pre-measured snacks such as berries or sliced bell peppers, almond butter, nuts, dressings, or sunflower seeds. ​​


​working out

UGH! Exercise!! For most of us it’s the daunting task we know we should do, but we don’t wanna! At least that’s how I feel many days. 

So for me, I have a simple goal that I know I can meet or exceed. 

30 minutes a day. 

I personally do at-home workouts from an ondemand source, thirty minutes a day. That’s it. The hardest part is pushing “play” but once I do, I get through it, and I am always so very glad I did it! 

At times I vary it up and like to head outside for a run, a long family walk, or just some fun runaround time with my kiddos. But the bulk of my exercise is 30 minutes a day right in my messy living room! Hehe!​



You also can’t forget about what you exercise in. My current fave for workout clothes is Senita Athletics. Their trendy web print high waisted pants (39.00) hit all the right levels of comfort and have a convenient pocket for your phone. Did I mention the high waisted part? It keeps everything at bay while burning those cals! Their black breathe back tee(20.00) is amazing because again, has the reoccurring theme of comfort and functionality with the stylish mesh to keep you cool. They also have some fabulous sports bras and shorts I know you’ll adore!


Because I have such a passion for health and fitness, due to my own rollercoaster of a weight loss journey, I tend to band together with other women who share the same passion and struggles as I do. I have found that creating a community of women around me has drastically helped me stay accountable, motivated, and inspired to keep going. For me, it’s a challenge group that brings all of us ladies together in a secret online group, so that we can share our stories, our progress, and our ideas. This awesome group of ladies is incredible. Each woman is on her own journey to her fitness goals, and we all work together to help motivate, inspire, encourage, and keep each other accountable. This has been such an amazingly encouraging community of women to be partnered with in this  journey of health and fitness.  To find out more about joining a challenge group, head over here

​personal development

Even more significant than the drastic outward transformation that I’ve gone through, is the change that has happened on the inside.  I truly cannot express enough how important it is to work on the mind, heart, and spirit when you’re hoping to produce any kind of change in life. 

Learning self-control, how to have discipline, how to give yourself grace, how to love yourself – these are all things that have to happen as you make your way through your health and fitness story. For long-term results and success at the highest level, working on your inner self is just absolutely vital. 

So as busy as life can get, I know this can be challenging! But what I do is, I make my goal something that is actually attainable. So I aim for consistency. This would look different for anybody, but as a busy mommy of two littles, I aim for a good, solid, intentional 15+ minutes each day. During this time I UNPLUG (get off my phone, get off my computer, etc.) and try to block out any distractions. Then, I read a book that helps me focus on developing personally. 

Currently I’m reading How We Love Our Kids, by Milan & Kay Yerkovich. It’s a wonderful book that relates to the season of life that I’m currently in, as a full-time stay-at-home-mom. Other books I read might deal with my faith walk, public speaking, mentoring others, or other topics that I’m interested in. It’s all about focusing on bettering yourself on the inside.

Because ultimately it’s about being the best version of yourself, on the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE!


tell us below!

What’s your biggest roadblock when comes to health and fitness?