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Mermaid Birthday Party + DIY Under The Sea Chocolate Bark & Cake

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Mermaid tails, sand and bubbles make for a fantastic mermaid birthday party shellabration (the first of many under the sea puns…sorry not sorry) fit for any little girl, baby sprinkle or bridal shower. Party planning can sometimes get a little overwhelming if you feel the I-don’t want-this-party-to-be-a-#pinterestfail pressure mounting on top of the normal busyness day to day life can bring. So get your clam shell bra and flipper ready, because this is going to be a party prep breeze with easy DIYs and even a genius party supply rental box that does the decor work for you!

Under The Sea Mermaid Birthday Party DIY

 Mermaid Birthday Party Cake and Decor Shells Net Pom Pom Banner

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