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Mesmerized By Marvel Universe Live

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Boom! Kapow! Blast!…A few of the noises you may hear at Marvel Universe Live. Be prepared to be mesmerized by an incredible sight of some superheroes and their sidekicks you may be familiar with–Spider-man, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Groot. You’ve heard of those, right? I thought so! Without giving away any of the plot that you need to see for yourself, I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments. If you’re in Tampa, you can still catch a few shows this weekend or head to Feld Entertainment to find a show coming near you soon. Grab your little (or grown up) Avengers, assemble and rocket over to the fun.

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Checking Off Your Entire Christmas List With A Tile

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ashley solberg



The Ho, Ho, Holidays are here and that means trying to find the perfect gift for all those you love. You sister adores makeup, but what color to get? Your husband has to have all the latest tech gear, but where to even start looking for the newest craze? Aunt Sally, is…well, aunt Sally and you just have no idea. The common denominator between them all, is everyone has something they love. Ok, maybe they don’t hug their wallet, camera, laptop or the sort like she’s squeezing her favorite-can’t-live-without teddy bear above, but everyone has something they love so much they don’t want to lose it. That is why we are deeming Tile the perfect gift for everyone on your list this Christmas.

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Keeping It Simple For Birthdays With More Moments

Mom Life

jennifer wagner


​I remember when my first-born turned two. I hadn’t had much of a party for her on her first birthday, but for her second, I was going all out! I arranged a huge birthday bash in a big park with lots of people and more cupcakes than could be consumed.

I remember the preparation that went into it on that day. As the hours kept creeping by, my stress level just kept climbing. All of the details that I had planned out were now in a bucket of sweat dripping from my brow as I worked frivolously to make it all perfect for my sweet and only little princess. It took everything in me to keep it together without blowing a gasket.

The party was… fun! I don’t think my girl remembers it. At all. And what she liked most about that day? Playing.

I applaud the mamas who make Pintrest-worthy birthday parties. No really, I truly do admire them!! I have a couple of friends who pull that off amazingly well, and I’m over here in awe.

I had to learn the hard way that unfortunately this mama is does not have that amazing gift!

These days, I take a different approach. Something more unique to my strengths, and the interests of my kiddos.

I call it…

Get ready…

The Keep-It-Super-Simple approach. 😉

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Talking About The Perfect Baby Onesie + Carter’s Win Every Day Sweepstakes

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This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own as we only work with companies we 100% love and believe in.


brittany marchese


​With your first baby, the world basically stops for a little but your life goes on–you don’t really have too much going on in the first 6 weeks of life as they eat-poop-sleep-repeat. When the second one comes along, your life is still happening. Your oldest has school, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, the list goes on. I love the Carter’s Original Bodysuits for when we are on the run, and need to quickly dress my little man. I also carry two or three in the car, because… well, kids.

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Talking Travel & Fashion With Kids: Maui Edition

Fave Finds, Kids Fashion, Mom Life, Travel
Travel with kids is nothing but blue skies, or at least one would hope! We recently took the kids with us back to Maui for their second time. Traveling all the way over from Florida equates to about 4500 miles of pulling every trick out of my Mary Poppins bag to keep the exhaustion melt downs to a minimum (mine too). Long airplane or car rides can be testing on your momma patience, but I have a few travel and fashion favorites for kids to make the journey easier for you and them.

travel with kids tips and tricks:

Surfboard Tank For Boys Hawaiian Floral Onesie For Toddler Girl Maui

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