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​Summertime is finally coming to an end! And for me this means work gets a little bit easier! Yippie! The airports will now be a little less crazy, there will be fewer people on the planes, and there will be less kids!  I love kids, I do, I swear, but summertime means more people trying to hand you their kids dirty diapers, crying babies, crayons thrown at you…you get my drift.

Flying is already something chaotic and expensive,  so here’s a few hacks that will help you save your dollars and your mind on your next flight:

always download the airline carrier’s app

​There are many reasons to have their app on your phone:

  • For one, the convenience  of having your boarding pass right at your finger tips ( i.e. they won’t be lost!) and if you are traveling as a family you can have multiple boarding passes on your device  at once.
  • Second,  most airlines have the flight status of your flight right on the app. With an app it’s easier to keep track of your planes actual departure time and gate. This way if your plane is running late, you feel no need to rush, you can take your time around the airport or even show up late yourself. 
  • Third, airlines today are really stepping up their technology on their planes. 

Most large carriers now have wifi onboard, some of which is free. If you have an app on your phone it is easier to access the free portions of the wifi, for example the flight status of your next leg. My airline currently has personal device entertainment, which streams to your own device. This is free and having the airlines app on your phone gives you access to more movies and TV shows. 

always bring your own headphones

​They will most likely and hopefully be offering something for free on your flight, whether wifi, movies, TV shows. But always bring your own headphones. Some airlines charge for the headphones, and some just don’t offer any. Save yourself a headache and your dollar and bring your own. 

always bring your own waterbottle

​We all know the TSA 3 oz liquid rule, meaning no water, leaving you to buy your own overpriced water inside the airport or wait until you’re on the plane.  But did you know you can bring your own plastic or metal water bottle or container as long as it is empty? This might be old news to some, but lately airports have been updating their water fountains. Making them more accessible to fill water bottles and with purer water. Win!

BYOS-bring your own snacks

And by snacks, I mean breakfast, lunch, dinner too! 

Anything you can bring along with you, do it. The easiest hacks are breakfast. Bring your favorite oatmeal, or pre-packaged cereal. This way you can just ask for some hot water to make the oatmeal, or milk for the cereal. For lunch make ahead some sandwiches or anything TSA approved can be brought on the plane to eat. You wouldn’t believe the amount of hot water used to fill Ramen noodle cups!!

Hope some of these tips help you save money, time, and stress at the airport! 

Happy flying! 

Anyone have any great travel hacks? I always love to learn the secrets! 

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  • Tiffany @ Arrows + Awe
    September 9, 2016 at 6:15 AM

    I always download the airports app! SO convenient! Stopping by from Awe-Inspired Bloggers Pinterest board!

    • Ashley
      September 9, 2016 at 6:34 AM

      Yes girl! ?? Thanks for stopping in to say hello! ???