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​​We’ve all been there… Looking longingly into our closets, pretending we see haute couture hanging there instead of a hot mess. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought something, worn it once just to get home and regret the purchase. I have more things that I don’t wear in my closet than things that actually do see the occasional light of day.
Unfortunately, poor style purchases plague the best of us… But I’ve recently been exploring a way to turn those fashion frowns upside down with the Poshmark app.
I’ve always been a fan of designer consignment shops. Once I’m over wearing a piece that still has a lot of life left in it, off to the consignment shop it goes. Problem is, every single time I go back to pick up
 my earnings from the sale I’m disappointed. Most consignment shops take up to 50 percent. I still have anxiety about a pair of Chanel flats I let go in college because I was in serious need of cash. I practically gave those puppies away.
But Poshmark is a perfect alternative to clean out your closet and make some cash.
It’s super easy. You upload pictures and a description of the pieces to your “closet”, pick a price and wait. Once your item sells they send you a shipping label to make the process even smoother.
I’ve been “poshing” for about a month and have almost made a hundred bucks on just a few items of clothing. They take a fraction of the amount consignment shops do.
If your closet isn’t full of designer labels, no problem. People sell literally everything on the app. I’ve even seen 2002 American Eagle t-shirts for sale that make me flashback to middle school. But hey, there’s a buyer for everything, right?
My advice? Price your items low. If you haven’t had it on your body in a year, let someone else enjoy it! And eventually you can “posh” enough cash for something new. You deserve it! Take a peek at some of the items from my closet to see how it works:

JCrew Jacket $25, original retail $89


True Religion Jeans $35, original retail $160


Dark J Brand Jeans $45, original retail $140.


JCrew Button Down Blouse $22, original retail $69

Would love to hear your fave item you found at a bargain below. Like that one item that you still cannot believe you snagged!

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