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Traveling is my job, but let’s be honest, my job is hardly as glamorous as it may seem. Wearing a cute flight attendant outfit=being on your feet all day, traveling multiple days a week=living out of a suitcase, you get the idea. Being a Denver based flight attendant, the destinations I travel to are rarely exotic. Outside of work, traveling is also one of my passions, one that can be quite expensive, although it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be done cheaply, especially on a budget. Here are a few ways I travel and not break the bank:


If you are flexible and open to options, make sure do some research on areas you would like to travel to. Currency is always fluctuating and if you are open to options, explore areas where the US Dollar is worth more. Get more for your money, literally!

If you have your heart set on a particular location. Research the best time to go. For example, one of our faves, Hawaii, is always going to be relatively expensive, but like every destination, it has its low and high seasons. Accommodation, excursions, restaurants all seem to adjust their pricing to the different seasons.  For example traveling to the Caribbean during their “winter,” happens to be their low season and can be easier on your wallet. 



There are multiple, reliable websites that generate airline ticket fares. For example Kayak or Skyscanner provide the cheapest ticket rates for your travel dates. You’ll find that if you can be flexible with your dates of travel, or leave at the last minute, you might find lower prices. And then there’s the theory that ticket prices are always cheaper when purchased or traveling in the middle of the week!

Note: it’s always better to purchase your ticket directly from the airline’s website once you see which one has the cheapest rate. You are more protected this way in the event of a flight cancellation. 



Accommodations are sometimes, if not more expensive, than the flight itself. But long gone are the days of only hotels or resorts! Now there are so many options from Airbnb, VRBO or Vacation Rentals By Owner, and Couchsurfers just to name a few.

My go to before planning any trip is scoping out Airbnb. This app provides you awesome full rental homes or small resorts. It’s very easy to use, matching your description of what you are looking for-bedrooms, pool, beachside, etc. It offers reviews, detailed descriptions from past renters, actual pictures, and prices ranging from super affordable to splurges!

If you are going to a place where there is limited options, try using the search engine for the best deals.



It’s no secret that the “touristy” areas are the most expensive, you may even have to pay just to use the restroom! Hotel restaurants will always be more expensive than the restaurant right across the street, and most likely not as good! Try using websites like Trip Advisor  to find the best places to eat and their pricing as they use a ranking system. Sometimes, the best option is buying food from the grocery store, picnic style! No waiter to tip, just you and the beautiful surroundings.

I couldn’t travel how I do, if I weren’t traveling on a budget. Seeing the world doesn’t have to cost your life savings! And like they always say, some times the best things in life are free! 

What are some good budget friendly travel tips you have? 

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