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ashley solberg

Yes, I know, I am 31 years old and still call him “Daddy.” Nothing else fits right, that is just the type of man that he is. He is strong and heroic, but soft spoken and wise. The tears are filling my eyes already out of pure thankfulness. I am blessed beyond measure to have had a father that was there at each sports event, who provided firm advice in the most loving way and established the confidence I had to never let anybody tell me who to be except me. I do not take that for granted one single second. All of these years I have been an adult after marrying young, having three babies and living life, have all the more strengthened the appreciation I have for him. So–Daddy, this is for you.


​Where to begin but the beginning? Before I knew how to say “thank you,” you loved me unconditionally. You held me in your arms and let me sleep on you chest, all to keep me from shedding tears. You looked into my new little eyes, knowing things would be different, but pressing forward all the same. You worked from sun up to sun down to provide for our family as a young man. You sacrificed so we wouldn’t have to.

As I now have three little ones of my own, I know how hard being a parent can be, but also how rewarding. We never felt the hard parts–only the joy, only the giggles, only the happiness. Thank you for the moments I pretended to be embarrassed walking down the aisles of the grocery store when you went full Monty Python silly walks mode. I saw the smiles of those passing by as they knew I had a treasure. Thank you for making Lauren and I strong. It started with you letting us “win” at wrestling and continued with you encouraging us to go after our dreams.

​Thank you for listening to me jabber on and on and on about the sky, the alphabet, Barbies and Easy Baked Ovens. You never once made me feel like anything I had to say was unimportant, even if it was. You told me I was beautiful, all the time. Even as a teenager, wondering who I was in the world, you still uplifted my spirits by saying heartfelt words of admiration. You gave me the courage to face basketball tryouts, spelling bees and to throw like the boys. You didn’t place a box around who I could be, only pushed me forward to be better each and every day. There was no force behind your words, only just enough firmness to let me know you were serious and allowed me to make the right decision myself.

​You were there, present, a part, the epitome of a Godly man. I thank you for that. Thank you for praying for us, thank you for leading by example, thank you for showing us how to extend grace.  Thank you for taking us to church every Sunday. I know you had to be tired from the week, but you knew how important it was we knew our creator and knew how to thank Him for what we had. You planted seeds of insight, Bible verses and sayings I will carry for a lifetime.

​You didn’t have to love us the way you did, but you chose to.  You said “yes” to being a Daddy, not just fathering children. I know you gave up many a nights that could have been spent out with the guys, instead, allowing us to put barrettes in your hair. You traded in going to concerts for singing lullabies. You passed on many adventures to work hard to pay the bills, making sure our stomachs were full.

You set a precedence that made me picky about what I wanted in a guy and placed the bar high. So high, that many hearts were broken because I didn’t have to seek attention from another source to know my worth. When the time was right, I picked a beyond great one. Thank you for teaching me not to settle when I chose him. My children now have a wonderful, Godly, loving Daddy to call their own. One that does and will do all of the above things with and for them. The legacy you created in every moment spent with us, now lives on through your beautiful grandchildren. Thank you for paving the path, leading us and guiding us.

I love you, I cherish you and I am thankful to call you my Daddy.

With the utmost love and appreciation,

I cannot miss the opportunity to say Happy Father’s Day to my babies’ daddy. Our hearts are so full having you. You are everything I hoped for and more. Day in a day out you work hard all day, come home and spend every moment until bedtime showing our kids how much you love them. Three kids under four is not easy, but somehow with you, it just feels like life and how it’s supposed to be. We are blessed to have you. Today and every day we honor the man that you are. Love you babe!
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  • Yvie
    June 19, 2016 at 3:24 PM


  • Dena
    June 19, 2016 at 5:47 PM

    Your daddy rocks! Hope y’all had an awesome Father’s Day 🙂